Are you going away this Summer? Tips for properly packing luggage wrinkle free

Check out these great tips from our friend Charles MacPherson!

Video of Charles and his great packing

Charles the Butler shows us three packing methods for a creaseless and pleasant packing experience.

Before you even begin to pack, no matter what method you will be using to pack, lay everything out that you need first.

  • Coordinate outfits
  • Prepare toiletries, Consider if your luggage is going on board with you or with checked luggage as this affects liquids and ultimately how much you can take with you
  • Remember you are only going away, you will return home THUS you don’t need your entire closet; you can wear the same jeans or shoes twice!

Rolling Method

  • Everything should be tight so that there is no movement
  • Stuffed things inside each other to save space and avoid wrinkles
  • Lighter things on top, heavier things on bottom
  • Soft sided suitcases are best for the rolling method

Layering Method

  • Lots and lots and lots of tissue paper. You can never have too much tissue paper, remember you can re-use this over and over again, so its not to be thrown out when you unpack!
  • Lots and lots of dry cleaner plastic. You can never have too much dry cleaner plastic.

Hanging Method

  • When using a garment bag you can double or triple clothes if necessary on one hanger
  • Each and every hanger must be covered in a plastic sheet (dry cleaner plastic)
  • This method is ideal for delicate clothing, for example a wedding dress

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