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30 Days in Vegas with a KID!

I used to wonder what people meant when they stated they couldn’t wait to get home from a vacation so they could relax. I just spent 30 days in Las Vegas with a very curious 9 year-old, and now I … Continue reading

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Insurance Issues when Employing Household Help

At our insurance agency clients frequently ask for guidance on insurance issues when they hire household help. Questions arise about workers compensation and automobile insurance.  Workers Compensation Insurance Employers are required by law to provide workers compensation insurance, in most … Continue reading

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Are you going away this Summer? Tips for properly packing luggage wrinkle free

Check out these great tips from our friend Charles MacPherson! Video of Charles and his great packing Charles the Butler shows us three packing methods for a creaseless and pleasant packing experience. Before you even begin to pack, no matter … Continue reading

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