Super Helpful Food Allergy Labels and Products to Keep Kids Safe

Did this school year go as fast for your family as it did for mine?  It seems that just when everyone is settled into the routine it’s time to change it up again.  As we gear up for summer camp and the open days of playdates and pool time, communication between nanny and parents is paramount.  And, when it comes to taking care of children with food allergies, it’s vitally important to make sure every person, especially nannies,  camp counselors and staff, are educated about the specific needs of the child.

Fortunately, the process is made somewhat easier thanks to the amazing food allergy

community and some totally awesome products.   For example, check out for an impressive selection of COOL bracelets and other items that can be personalized with health and allergy info. (trust me- your kids will wear these!)  Mable’s Labels (yes- the camp label people!) also have great products to label food containers and other items that kids need at camp. (

Another great site is with terrific tips and advice for parents of food allergic children.

One of my personal favorite blogs is the Food Allergy Mama because her recipes are awesome and she’s a tireless advocate for food allergy awareness.  (

Below is a list of links.  Set aside quiet time to talk to your nanny about how to communicate your child’s safety needs, especially as the child’s schedule changes.  Clear communication- both verbally and written—is key here.  These products make it all a little easier.

Food Allergy Labels, Websites and Related Products:

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