What is an appropriate Nanny Summer Wardrobe?

Do you have a dress code for work? Do you have a “uniform” you are required to wear?  Even if your employer does not make you wear a specific uniform, you should have a “Nanny Uniform” for yourself and know the “do’s” and “don’ts”, especially when it comes to summer attire.

A uniform does not have to mean a starched dress, hat and formal gloves like the Norlan Nannies wear in the UK. Although they look classic, the look is not for your typical US household, and not always the most functional. You could create your own Nanny Uniform with just Khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

Although being a nanny requires you play on the floor, run outside or go to the park, that doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and head to work.  You should always be appropriately dressed as a professional nanny and even keep an extra set of clothes in the car for those unforeseen accidents.  Not only are you representing yourself, you’re also a reflection of the family and the child(ren) you’re taking care of. You can dress in comfortable, but professional clothes without breaking the bank.



Great places for Nanny wardrobe essentials:




A great general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandparents, don’t wear it to work?

If you have questions on suitable attire, it is always appropriate to ask the the families you’re working with, or call First Class Care.

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