New Nanny Training coming to First Class Care

Connection-Centered Discipline Nanny Certification
The path to better behavior from kids and a more collaborative relationship with parents

Training by Lora Brawley coming to First Class Care in June 2013

The Connection-Centered Discipline program is built on the concepts of Positive Discipline, an internationally recognized approach that hpositive disciplineas hundreds of thousands of fans. It’s used in homes, churches, and schools around the world with kids from toddlers to teens. And there are over 30 published Positive Discipline books dedicated to every age group, family situation and unique challenge including children with special needs, Why? Because it works for reasons that we can feel good about. It focuses on connection, cooperation, respect, kindness, and encouragement. But it does so without being permissive or indulgent. It’s the perfect balance between Kumbaya and “It’s my way or the highway!” parenting.

Are you in the right place in your career for this training?
If you’re new to Positive Discipline, this training will teach you an effective step-by-step approach that will equip you to handle whatever discipline issues come up.

If you’re currently using Positive Discipline, this training will deepen your understanding and practice of the approach and give you fresh ideas on how to handle challenging behaviors and ages and stages transitions.

This certification also includes in-depth training on creating a collaborative, mutually supportive relationship with your employers. You’ll learn proven nanny / family team building strategies and have access to parent tip sheets exclusively designed for and available through this program.

So wherever you are in your career, this training will help you move to the next level.


Who should attend? Nannies who want to…
become more skilled at identifying and working with the “why” behind challenging behaviors in order to make long-term and lasting changes in kids’ attitudes and group of nanniesactions.

learn successful strategies for defusing sibling rivalry and ways to teach kids real world problem solving skills.

master the art of encouragement, focusing on effort and improvement, and let go of the habit of empty praise.

understand how to ground discipline decisions in the three aspects of respect: the adult respecting the child, the adult respecting herself, and the adult respecting the needs of situation.

become more intentional and purposeful in their words, actions and reactions.

make themselves more valuable and marketable in today’s super competitive job market.


The Connection-Centered Discipline Nanny Certification program includes:
• exclusive training program designed especially for nannies
• local 2 day weekend intensive or 8 week online course with a 2 hour class each week
• interactive format filled with experiential activities and large and small group discussions
• one-on-one assessment and coaching session at the end of the program
• Nanny Certification
• 1 year membership in private SMART Discipline discussion and practice group
SMART Discipline Nanny Certification• training manual
• resource library filled with downloadable tip sheets to share with parents
• webpage dedicated to telling to parents why having a Connection-Centered Discipline Certified Nanny is valuable to their family
• audio training on how to translate your new certification into a higher salary during your job search or yearly performance evaluation

Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification $295

Check out our events calendar to find out when it is coming to Chicago!

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