2012 First Class Care Nanny of the Year

First Class Care is honored and PROUD to announce this years First Class Care Nanny of the Year – Diane C.

Diane’s employers Colleen and Kevin C. wrote First Class Care an amazing letter to nominate Diane.  Diane was placed with Colleen and Kevin in May of 2010 and has been with them for over 2 years.

Nomination Letter:
When I learned I was pregnant with twins just over a year after my daughter was born, my biggest concern was child care.  How could I possibly find a day care, a nanny or family member willing and able to care for newborn twins and a two year old full time?  And someone I could trust to have patience and with my new little babies?  First Class Care matched Diane with our family given her extensive background in in-home child care and nursing.  It was a perfect match and we never looked back!

Diane joined our family when Owen and Brennan were three weeks old and Keira only two.  Two and a half years later, our children continue to adore and love “Miss Diane”.   Diane brings an excellent balance of fun and learning.  The kids love ‘projects’ thanks to Diane’s endless supply of paper, crayons, paints, glue, or stickers.  Playing outdoors is a favorite for all four; I know Diane has as much fun taking a walk or playing at the park as the kids do! There is always time each day to read and Diane puts emphasis on manners, proper social behavior, good hygiene, and healthy eating.  And yes, to top it off, Diane did potty train Keira in one week.

To compliment her talent in childcare, Diane’s organizational habits, tidiness, and daily routine are a perfect match to ours.  Diane also takes her role very seriously; she is never late and always gives advanced notice for requests for time off or a change in schedule.   Not only does this keep the house running smooth, but allows us to focus on the children.

Kevin and I often travel overseas for work.  Diane always offers an extra helping hand during these times and never hesitates to work earlier or later than normal.  There have been numerous occasions when we both were abroad for work in different countries at the same time.  Being thousands of miles away from your young children is difficult enough let alone both parents being away.  Not once did I worry about the kids at home with Diane.  The amount of trust we have in Diane’s ability and dedication to our children cannot be put into words, but best expressed in these family situations.

Diane has been with us through much change; a kitchen remodel, Kevin’s career and job change, deaths in both our immediate families and even her own wedding.  Through all of this we worked together as a family to manage the change, keep the children in their routine, and always smile along the way.

Every time people ask Kevin or I how we do it – work full time in demanding careers, travel internationally, and raise three kids under the age of four – our answer always includes “…don’t forget we have Diane…”.  Diane deserves more than anyone to be Nanny of the Year.  We are truly blessed to have found her and I know she would say the same of our family.


Congratulations Diane, we are SO PROUD of you and honored for you to be a First Class Care Nanny. You deserve this recognition!

Diane will be awarded with  a COMPLETE MAKE-OVER from Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa (including color, haircut/style, skin care analysis, facial, mani/ pedi and hair care products to support their new do), an INA (International Nanny Association) membership, a ticket to First Class Care National Nanny Training Day and a $50 gift card.
Prize Package worth $700!


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