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First Class Care has partnered with Share Our Spare to help a family in need.

About Share our Spare:

Share Our Spare is a Chicago-based not-for-profit organization that makes it as easy as possible for families with “extras” to share with families in need. We know what it’s like to cram one more storage container of clothes into the closet…and we also know that there is nothing better than clearing out those closets to help others in need. Share Our Spare helps parents, children, and businesses make personal connections to community service by encouraging families to donate their “spare” items to children-in-need. You clear your house – and you make another young person’s life significantly easier.




Our Family: Jocelyn RuedaJocelyn


Jocelyn Rueda is the mother of 4 year old son Joniah (a real sweetheart!) and 1 year old daughter Jaliyah. The past few years have been very difficult for Jocelyn. She had Joniah when she was 14, forcing her to drop out of school. Joniah’s dad wasn’t around very much at the time (he is now a participatory father) and Jocelyn had to rely on her mother for support. Once Jocelyn’s mother could start providing child care for Joniah, Jocelyn went back to school. Unfortunately, she got pregnant with Jaliyah (same father) and had to drop out of school once again.Jocelyn is currently enrolled in Casa Central’s GED & Certified Nursing Assistant programs. However, what she really dreams of doing is working for a non-profit where she can help others and utilize her strong people skills. In fact, she’s talking with Casa Central about starting an internship there. She also hopes to obtain a part time job so that she can start becoming more financially independent as she currently relies on her mother and the children’s father for all of her and the children’s needs.

Jocelyn finds it very difficult to provide anything besides the absolute necessities for her children. She often worries that she’s not providing them enough learning opportunities given that it is difficult to purchase books or toys and very challenging to take them on “field trips.” She would be very grateful to Share Our Spare and the organization’s donors if they could help her with the items on her list. She made a special request for a bookshelf because she’d love for Joniah to have a special place to keep his beloved books.

Since having her first child at the age of 14, Jocelyn has been involved with Casa Central’s Adolescent Parenting program. Jocelyn credits the program with teaching her so much about healthy parenting including things that were essential when she first brought Joniah home like holding him correctly, feeding him, and practicing tummy time. Now with two children, the instructors share lots of resources with her and help her practice patience, disciplinary techniques and activities to do with her kids.


*New crib
Pack n play sheets
**Twin bed
Twin bedding
Twin size waterproof mattress pad
Diaper pail

Double Stroller
High Chair – WE GOT!!

Bottle Essentials
New nipples (fast flow)
Bottle brush

Diapers and Wipes
Diapers – size 4 and size 5
Diaper ointment

Food and Formula
Children’s utensils
Children’s plates and bowls

Bath & Potty
Shampoo/Baby wash

Nail clippers
Baby monitor
Child proofing supplies (baby gate, outlet covers)

Clothing and Accessories
Onesies (12+ mos girl)
Pajamas (12+ mos. girl, 4T+boy)
Spring/Summer Clothing (12+ mos. girl, 4T+boy)
Fall/Winter Clothing (18+mos. girl, 5T+ boy)
Shoes (12 mos.-girl, 11/12-boy)

New pacifiers
Age appropriate toys (1-5 yrs.)
Age appropriate books (1-5yrs.)

GENTLY used items can be dropped off at our office:
3330 Dundee Rd.
Suite C2
Northbrook, IL 60062
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
Accepting Items Until July 31, 2012
If you are planning on donating items you can email me so we know it is coming!


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