It’s not as hard as it looks

Would you spend 2 minutes to save someone’s life? 

Learning CPR is easy and fun.  And, it works.  Immediate, non-stop chest compressions until the paramedics arrive increases the heart attack survival rate by 60%.  This is what hands only CPR (insert hyperlink is all about.  If you are helping the adult victim and you don’t know how to do mouth-to –mouth breathing, or don’t feel like doing mouth-to-mouth breathing; kneel alongside the victim and do nonstop chest compressions – Hard and Fast.  Switch off with someone, about every 2 minutes, to maintain the correct speed and depth.  This is exactly what 20 rock-star citizens did to save this man’s life (  Fifty three year old Howard Snitzer collapsed from a heart attack, in a grocery store, in a tiny town. More than 20 citizens, not nurses, not doctors, rotated doing chest compressions for 96 minutes until the paramedics arrived via helicopter. When one person got tired, someone else took over.  Ten days after being transported, Howard walked out of Mayo Hospital.

How do you know when someone needs CPR?  We like to explain this as a math equation, A + B=C, or
Unconscious + no breathing  = immediate CPR

Taking a CPR class that allows for hands on practice with manikins is the only way to learn effective CPR.  But, until you can take a class, spend 2 minutes now to learn more about Hands only CPR.  .  Do you have an iphone or ipad?  Download the free Hands only app .  Or, go to the American Heart Association webpage ( for a fun video tutorial.  Yes, the AHA is actually fun! Choose the ‘chest’ you want to practice on and get to work.  I chose the tan, male chest because it reminds me of my colleague at Chicago CPR, Sam Holloway.   Besides being cute and fun, he is a Chicago firefighter and a top-notch CPR instructor.  Chicago CPR, a division of Safety Squad, offers classes at various family friendly venues throughout Chicago and the suburbs.  Register here

Kim Wilschek, RN, CCE
AHA CPR instructor
Owner, safety squad & Chicago CPR

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