Is Your Time Your Most Precious Asset? Good Karma is Here to Help!

By Sharon Schneider, Founder & CEO of Good Karma Clothing for Kids

With Spring in the air, you probably have been thinking that you need to cycle out the too-small, Winter baby clothes in the drawers and replace them with larger, lighter outfits. If you’re like me, you just haven’t found the time, and when you do get around to it, you’re wondering what to do with the Winter Clothes and where to get a few more spring outfits.

After facing this challenge a few dozen times with my three kids (after all, babies go through 7 sizes in the first two years!) I thought, “There has to be someone who can do all this for us!” There wasn’t, so I started a company to do it: Good Karma Clothing for Kids.

Good Karma Clothing for Kids is a monthly subscription service that allows you to get great clothes from your favorite brands and designers, in the sizes you need, when you need them. After signing up on our website (, you’ll receive your first bundle of 7 outfits within a few days, washed in environmentally- and baby-friendly detergent and ready to wear. Use them until baby hits a growth spurt, and then just send them back in the prepaid, reusable shipping bag to exchange for the next size up. Whether baby basics or boutique brands, you can supplement what you have or build a wardrobe from scratch. It’s the perfect trifecta for busy moms: save time, save money and save the planet.

I know what you’re thinking: what if an outfit gets dirty? What if the baby has a diaper disaster and an outfit is stained beyond salvation? Not to worry. We’re moms, too, and we know that sh—I mean spit happens. Send it back anyway and we’ll turn everything that isn’t able to be re-used into “upcycled” baby bibs, quilts and other products to get the most life out of the good fabric.

And for all you moms who are involved at your kid’s school or daycare, there’s more good news. Good Karma builds its inventory of like-new baby clothes by partnering with schools and nonprofits to sponsor “Clean out Your Closet Fundraisers.” There’s nothing to buy—you just ask parents to bring in their like-new baby clothes as a donation to the school. Good Karma pays cash for the clothing, and everyone wins: families get a tax deduction, the school gets cash (easily $1,000 or more just for providing volunteers to greet parents who “drop off donations while dropping off the kids”) and Good Karma gets inventory for other parents.

You can find more details on our fundraisers here (, or by emailing

Good Karma is a sponsor of our National Nanny Training Day in Chicago April 28th.

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