Whether it’s for a ski trip to Colorado or building sand castles on the beach in Mexico, having a nanny along to help with the children means that parents can relax and enjoy the trip as a family and as a couple. Taking your nanny on vacation is well worth the investment in that extra set of hands, eyes, and ears when travelling with small children.

Any trip with young children can be stressful. Extra work and extra responsibilities can cut into the limited time available to do “fun” things. But with the right kind of planning, you can still have the best of both worlds–fun with the whole family plus some relaxing together time. There can be time for a romantic dinner, a late night stroll, or time for a quiet “adult” conversation–just what a couple needs.

SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN TRAVELLING WITH YOUR NANNY PREPARATION: Ask your nanny well ahead of time. Although you may be going to a wonderful place, not all nannies like to travel with their families. Give them adequate time to prepare AND give yourself plenty of time to get a replacement if they decline.

DISCUSS THE DETAILS: Do discuss the details of the trip. Discuss when you will leave and return. Discuss the nanny’s duties while away. Discuss the compensation and accommodations. This is YOUR vacation, not the nanny’s. In fact, travelling with the family requires extra work by the nanny. Keeping kids occupied on the plane or in the car and in strange places is harder than at home. Explain what the schedule is likely to be–travel, activities, time off, hours, extra demands. The schedule is likely to be very different than at home. Parents sleeping late, family activities during the day, special activities at night–all may require that the nanny start earlier, end later, and/or take time off in the middle of the day. Additional compensation should be discussed for the extra duties and longer days. Most nannies receive between $200 and $275 per day to compensate them for the extra duties, different hours, and disruption of their own lives. Ideally, the nanny should have her own room but if that’s not possible, that should also be discussed in advance.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: When the nanny travels with the family, the family is responsible for the nanny’s travel expenses–airfare, hotel, meals, tickets to special attractions like amusement parks, movies, concerts, or other admission fees.

There are several “pros and cons” of taking your nanny on your trip. But the added expense usually means a much more enjoyable, less stressful trip for everyone. Those families who have taken their nanny’s along, often say that they will “never again leave home without her.”

**If your nanny is not able to travel with you, call First Class Care and arrange for a TRAVELING NANNY. We have many terrific nannies who are experienced at traveling with families, know what to expect, and know just how to make your trip a memorable, positive experience.

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