KAPAP Combative Concepts – Kids Tae Kwon Do Programs – “We Build Character”

KAPAP Combative Concepts offers Tae Kwon Do programs in Highwood for children ages 4 to 15. Our classes are fun, exciting and motivating. Through moving up in the belt system, kids build self-esteem as they achieve their goals.

At KAPAP Combative, we teach children and teenagers discipline. Our trained staff is very patient, detailed oriented, responsible and loves working with kids. With positive encouragement and careful correction, we lead by example.

Our programs teach practical and proven self-defense techniques. Kids, teenagers and adults alike are taught that what they learn in class should not be tried on their families or others. Through practicing self-defense, we teach to resolve conflicts by using minds instead of physical aggression and that the strongest muscle in our body is our brain.

Little Dragons (Ages 3-4)

The Little Dragons program specifically designed for children ages three through four. This program focuses on improving your childs listening and motor skills. Our Little Dragons Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational.

Little Kickers (Ages 4-8)

These classes are specifically designed for the 4 through 8 year old student. Emphasis is placed on elevating concentration, patience while they await their turn, and self-confidence. They will also be taught basic punching and kicking techniques in order to increase their foot/hand/eye coordination.

Little kicker are introduced to point sparring when they are ready, but it is not mandatory. They will be tested for stripes and belts at the discretion of the chief instructor.

Kids Tae Kwon Do (Ages 9-13)

The focus in this group is on learning the basic kicking and punching techniques, as well as the ‘katas’. They will be working on their strength, coordination, and muscle memory. When children reach the 9 to 15 range their skills and coordination are more developed and they are ready for more complete instruction.

KAPAP Combative Concepts
325 Waukegan Ave. Highwood, IL 60040
Phone: (847) 432-0283

Thank you to KAPAP for being a sponsor of our National Nanny Training Day April 28th!

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