Are You and Your Nanny Prepared for a Chicago Storm?

Top 10 things you should have in the car at all times

Last winter a blizzard of historic proportions left hundreds of people stranded on Chicago’s most famous stretch of road for hours. City officials estimated as many as 900 cars were caught in the jam, but an Associated Press photographer counted at least 1,500. Many people had to abandon their cars and others were left without enough gas. What would you do if you or your nanny were stuck in a car for hours?

When living in Chicago you have to be prepared and hope you never have to use what is on this list but if you do, you will be thankful!

1. Blanket – can be stored in your trunk in case you run out of gas.

2. Shovel – in case you need to dig yourself out of a snow pile

3. Flashlight

4. Jumper Cables

5. Bottled Water

6. Energy bar or snacks for the kids

7. Extra diapers or change of clothes in case a child has an accident

8. A few toys that might entertain the kids if you get stuck

9. Portable Potty – This may sound crazy but what if you were stuck and your 7 yr old said he had to go potty?

10. First Aid Kit

Additional tips:
Always make sure and drive with atleast a ½ tank of gas.
Make sure your cell phone is charged when leaving the house.
Always have your wiper fluid full.

In a busy family with even busier kids to-do lists are never ending. Get organized and prepared now and be sure to help your nanny do the same. Be smart and think ahead.

And here’s hoping that all this snow just means fun wintertime days for our kids!

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