What is the real Value of working with a Nanny Placement Agency?

Our friends at GTM Payroll Services did a recent survey of over 880 Full and Part time Nannies to find out why they LOVE using an agency for their employment search vs an online service! Here are the results:

Pre-Screening Families for the Best Matching:
– Working with an agency assures me that they get to know me as much as they get to know the family and work for a successful placement.

– They screen out the inappropriate families for the nannies.

– The agency that I go through really works to find the right family for me. Even though they technically work for the families, I have always felt that they are looking out for my best interest and have always given me great advice and support.

– I like that they are professional and working with parents to find the best match for both nanny and parent.

– You know that you are going to be placed with a family that is a good fit for you.

– I like that they screen families and nannies and they have the best interest of both parties in mind.

– The agency offers matches by the nannies’ and families’ top priorities, eliminating bad matches without wasting either party’s time with them.

– The agency makes a personal connection with the nanny and the family, and can get a good sense of which would match well together.

– Clients and candidates are pre-screened to match each other’s needs and desires in an employer and employee.

– They tend to have weeded out the families that may be difficult jobs. Those families usually advertise directly either on Craigslist or in the paper.

Time Savings:
There is no wasted time with an agency because you know upfront what both parties need and want. My agency is fantastic to work with and is always honest.

– As parents don’t want to waste time with nannies that don’t match what they are looking for, I don’t want my time wasted with families that can’t pay the salary I ask, or offer the type of job I am seeking.

– They do the work for you in finding good employers.

Quality Jobs & Higher Salary:
They give the family realistic and appropriate expectations for hours and responsibilities to expect of a nanny, and guidelines for appropriate pay and benefits package.

– If clients are willing to pay an agency to find them appropriate help then chances are those same clients value what you have to offer and are willing to compensate accordingly.

– They have a contract for the parents on what exactly is the job description and duties of their nanny.

– Working with an agency you get families who value their nanny. They know the importance of finding a good nanny and are willing to pay for it.

– Families are generally willing to pay a fair salary and withhold taxes.

– Families that search out an agency have the money to hire a true nanny. They can afford to pay the nanny’s salary as well as taxes and the agency.

– The agency deals with the details like salary more forcefully than most nannies do.

– Finding families that truly value you as a Nanny. They treat you professionally rather than like a teenage babysitter.

– Families who use an agency seem to be better prepared for providing for and working with a professional nanny.

– Having job security & documented proof of employment.

– By working with a reputable Nanny Agency, we as nannies are guaranteed a family that can afford to pay a salary that is fair based upon our credentials and certifications, professionalism, stability, tax advice, flexibility, insurance and bonding is taken care of, possibility of travel and benefits (medical, car insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, personal days paid, etc.)

– The agency tries to meet the individuals salary needs because in the end, their placement fee is based on the salary. I would never go through an online placement agency because the jobs seem to be less than minimum wage.

Clients Educated on Employer Responsibility:
– They educate the families on the legal issues of hiring a nanny so we can focus on childcare.

– Taxes and benefits are taken care of.

– They take care of making sure the process goes well and that there is a decent contract.

– The agency lets the family know what realistic expectations and benefits are for nannies. The agency screens out inappropriate families, and educates the appropriate ones.

– Legal contracts. They cover a multitude of possibilities that could go wrong and I feel well “covered” by my agency should my family cut my hours, try to cut pay etc.

– Most agencies let families know what is expected of them and the differences between nannies and sitters. They are a middle man and help keep the process going. They are an actual “being” rather than an internet website where you aren’t sure if the family got your email and resume or what the family is actually willing to pay despite their profile. It’s safer and there is more experience involved.

– Most of the details of benefits and wages are already discussed with the family by the agency.

Post-Hire Advice & Support:
For inexperienced nannies, the agency provides some guidance for job expectations, and support in navigating the job when problems arise. Agencies often give nannies contact information for local nanny support groups as well, so nannies can connect with peer support.

– They are advocates for the professional/career nannies.

– If the job is not going well for either party, the agency can step in and handle it legally, professionally, and keeps both parties from any embarrassment.

– If there is any issue with the family, I can talk to the agency first and decide whether I am going to discuss the issue with the family. The agency works as a mediator, if necessary, between the nanny and parents.

– You know that you are going to get the support of the agency staff before, during and after placement.

– You are appreciated by the agency as “nanny of the month”, there are classes/clinics offered usually at no cost and great staff to work with and FLEXIBILITY!

– I know I can call them if I am having a problem.

Personal Safety:
I know that I will be safe when I am going to work with a new family. My number one priority is my safety.

– The agency provides a safer way for the nanny and family to contact each other, providing access only to candidates with a mutual interest and without exposing private contact information to the world at large.

– Working with an agency provides me with the security of knowing who I’m going to work for and I have back-up should something go wrong.

– I feel safer working for an agency because the families have been pre-screened.

– Working with an agency is the safest option for both nannies and families. When using online placement agencies there’s the fear factor of meeting people who may not be whom they seem.

– The most important thing that is guaranteed through working with a professional nanny agency is the peace of mind knowing that your being taken care of and looked out for by someone who has experienced the world of nannies, knows what to ask, and has the knowledge to help you know what to expect when looking for a position.


Thank you GTM for all your hard work in putting this together!
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