Amazing Nanny Shows Her HUGE Heart

On July 2, 2011 a tragic accident happened to the beloved Berry family of Houston. As the family of five was driving back from a vacation, they were struck by a car that killed both parents and injured all three children. Two of the children, boys, ages 9 and 8 years old, were both paralyzed from the waste down. As the news story spread across the country an outpouring of prayers, mourning and support started. The Berry movement had begun!

Families, towns, cities and celebrities started raising money to support the Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust to aid in the children’s ongoing medical rehabilitation, physical therapy and psychological support. The outpouring of love was amazing to see. So many caring people, most of whom do not know the Berry family, were touched by this story, including me. I followed the children’s remarkable progress on Facebook and Twitter and even held a fundraiser at First Class Care.

Tessa Berry Kids

Recently, I learned about an amazing person behind the scenes – Tessa, the Berry children’s loving nanny.  She stepped up when these kids needed her most. Tessa dropped everything and came to Chicago to stay with the two boys as they went through rigorous therapy at Shriners. She is with them day and night keeping their spirits up and showing them the love she knows their parents want for them. Tessa has been an amazing inspiration and a true angel to these kids. As a Chicago Nanny Agency owner I meet thousands of amazing nannies and Tessa’s story continues to move and inspire me.

On September 18th, 2011 National Nanny Recognition week begins and First Class Care has honored Tessa with a free membership to the International Nanny Association. The INA is a wonderful organization that holds a very high standard for professional nannies and can give Tessa the support she needs in her difficult journey with the children. INA nannies have a big support system in place on Facebook and through They know that sometimes being a nanny is a little isolating and finding someone in the same boat as you is not always possible locally. The INA Nannies have a very strong bond and offer one another a unique support system.

We know the Berry children and Tessa will all have a very bright future.

If you would like to donate to this amazing family please click here:

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