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Happiest Baby on the Block Class

First Class Care, Inc. has partnered with Gibson Newborn Services to bring to Chicago The Happiest Baby on the Block Class. We are excited to have Cortney Gibson a certified Happiest Baby Educator teach our expectant moms, new moms and childcare providers.

New parents and childcare providers will learn step-by-step how to help babies sleep longer and soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes.

The class is for expectant parents, parents of babies under 12 weeks old, and nannies who care for newborns. Feel free to bring babies less than 3 months old. Please arrange for childcare of older siblings. If you aren’t bringing a baby, bring a baby doll so you practice the techniques during class!

The Happiest Baby Program is a national curriculum dedicated to teaching parents and caregivers an innovative new approach to quickly calm crying babies and help them sleep a little longer. These techniques can reduce the occurrence of SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, child abuse and Post Partum Depression.

Half of all new babies cry and fuss more than two hours a day. Their prolonged wails often cause exhaustion, breastfeeding failure, marital stress, maternal depression, and even child abuse. But this extraordinary program, based on the work of Dr. Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, has the potential of reducing that demoralizing crying to just minutes a day.

“Dr. Karp’s book is fascinating. It will guide new parents for many years to come.” – Julius Richmond, MD, Harvard Medical School, former Surgeon General of the United States

“Dr. Karp’s approach is the best way I know to help crying babies.” – Steven Shelov, MD, editor-in-chief, American Academy of Pediatrics’ Caring for Your Baby and Young Child

The Happiest Baby Program will teach new parents and childcare providers:
     The Missing 4th Trimester: as odd as it may sound, many babies cry because, essentially, they are born three months too soon.
     The Calming Reflex: a newly discovered group of neonatal reflexes that are virtually an automatic reset switch to stop the crying of almost any baby in the first few months of life.
     The 5 S’s: how to correctly perform the 5 simple steps (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking) that trigger the calming reflex.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Leaders of Lamaze, DONA, and Prevent Child Abuse America, have all recommended this program. La Leche League International offers The Happiest Baby DVD in its catalogue. Numerous other sources of media, including Parents magazine, The Dr. Phil Show, and Good Morning America have all featured Dr. Karp and his methods. The Happiest Baby concepts are being incorporated into the curriculum of medical schools, hospitals, clinics and military bases across the country…and around the world.

Dr. Karp’s vision is to share with families his techniques for quickly calming fussy babies and helping them to sleep longer. He achieves this through his certified instructors, as well as other valuable tools, such as his Happiest Baby on the Block book, DVD, and “Soothing Sounds” CD. This priceless information leads to a strong sense of confidence and success in parents and caregivers. Which in turn, reduces the incidence of the negative effects, mentioned above, that crying has on the whole family.

The Happiest Baby on the Block class is 2 hours and
includes a DVD to take home
along with a certificate that you attended the class.
$50 per couple

Happiest Toddler on the Block Class

First Class Care, Inc. has partnered with Gibson Newborn Services to bring to Chicago The Happiest Toddler on the Block Class. We are excited to have Cortney Gibson a certified Happiest Baby Educator teach our parents and childcare providers.

Anyone living or working with toddlers knows how quickly they can change. One minute all is bliss – then BAM! – they erupt into a mega-tantrum on aisle 6 at K-mart! No wonder exhausted and time-crunched parents feel trapped in a revolving door of “No!” and “Don’t!”

But all that is about to change…help has arrived! Never again will you be helpless while your toddler screams and screams. Now you can learn how to shorten or eliminate most tantrums.

“The Happiest Toddler is terrific…and fun! It will help parents, grandparents and everyone who cares for toddlers be more effective.” – Martin Stein, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego

In The Happiest Toddler on the Block, celebrated pediatrician and child development expert, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals a treasure sought by parents for centuries – the secret to calming tantrums in minutes…or less. And, what’s more, he teaches simple steps to help you boost your toddler’s patience and ability to cooperate.

Dr. Karp has amazed the medical world with an innovative view of toddlers (aged 8 months to 5 years) that is transforming our understanding of this challenging age, forever.
“Parents will be delighted by this clever approach to communicating with toddlers. It allows us to see the world from our children’s unique point of view.“ — Janet Serwint, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Harriet Lane Children’s Clinic, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

In The Happiest Toddler, you’ll learn:
– The #1 rule of good communication – the Fast Food Rule.
 – Four simple steps for translating anything you want to say into your child’s primitive language – Toddler-ese.
 – Foolproof ways to encourage good behavior (time-in, praise, rewards, gossiping, playing the boob, etc.).
 – How to defuse more than 50% of your toddler’s meltdowns in seconds!
 – Smart solutions to the prickliest problems of the toddler years (like separation anxiety, biting, picky eating, sibling rivalry, fears).
 – A simple way to teach even a one-year old to be patient…in a single day

This class is for parents of children 8 months to 5 years. Please arrange for childcare so you can focus on learning these new techniques.

The Happiest Toddler on the Block class is 1.5 hours and
includes a DVD to take home
along with a certificate that you attended the class.
$40 per couple

Happiest Baby on The Block
Saturday June 11, 2011
12:30pm – 2:30pm

Happiest Toddler on the Block
Saturday June 11, 2011
3pm – 4:30pm

New Mother New Baby
3115 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

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