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Summertime Misadventure – How to Handle Summer Nanny Taxes

With families beginning to make summer childcare plans, this edition of The Legal Review will highlight popular misconceptions about employing a summer nanny — and serve as a reminder that summer nanny placements frequently enjoy a significant tax advantage which … Continue reading

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Chicago Professional Housekeeper Training School

First Class Care has exclusively partnered with The Charles MacPherson Academy to bring Chicago it’s world-renowned Housekeeper training course. The 2-day training course features the exact same material taught in their famous Butler & Household Manager’s School. During the program, … Continue reading

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Creating a Discipline Plan with your Nanny

Imagine this. It’s a warm summer evening and you had a great day at work. Naturally you are in a good mood. During dinner, little Johnny begins to act silly and throws his food at his little brother. Because you … Continue reading

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