Holiday Gift ideas for your Domestic Employees

The holidays are a perfect time to let your household employee know how much you appreciate them. Remember how hard they work for you all year and how greatly they contribute to the happiness of your family.

There is no “one size fits all” solution; there are many creative ways to compensate your employee for their hard work.

A cash bonus is by far the most popular solution. The average year end bonus is one – two weeks of pay. Long-term staff bonuses may be as high as one month’s pay. For newer employees, many families calculate one day’s pay for each month of employment, up to the maximum they would consider. All bonus payments are ALWAYS at the discretion of the employer, and the employee’s length of employment, overall performance, and the means of the employer are all factors in this decision.

It is also nice to give your employee something personal. These gift ideas are great for the holidays along with an employees birthday or special anniversary.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for your Domestic Employee
1. IPAD – $499 and up
2. Kindle – $139+
3. Membership to an Organization
International Nanny Association – $35 a year
Domestic Estate Managers Association
4. FLIP Camera – $129+
5. GPS Navigation – $60+
6. Gym Membership $100+
7. A personal hand made gift from your children
8. Gift cards to popular restaurants or day spas
9. Airfare for a trip
10. A day at the spa

Please remember it is always good to give a review of your employee at their year anniversary and a holiday bonus is not in lieu of a raise.

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