Amazing Product that will help your family get MORE SLEEP!

My 5 year old son loves to wake me up at 5am. As soon as the sun comes up he is calling for me. We have tried everything from blackout shades to tin foil on the windows (yes – we actually did it). Nothing worked. I finally found an amazing product that has given me my sleep back! Every family should have one of these clocks and I hope it can help you as much as it has me:)

Teach Me Time! by American Innovative
Teach Me Time! is an adorable child’s bedside alarm clock, time-teaching tool and dual-color nightlight all in one. The collective features of this educational toy are designed to grow with your child from the day they are first out of the crib.

“Ok to Wake!” Dual-Color Nightlight TimerFor children just out of the crib, Teach Me Time! features a dual-color nightlight that turns green when it’s “Ok to wake!”

This convenient (for parents, that is) feature was inspired by homegrown solutions to the problem of young children bounding out of bed at very early hours. If you’ve ever taped over the minutes digits of an old digital alarm and instructed your son or daughter to not get up until “this number is a six”, then you’re one of many (sleep deprived?) parents who understands the need for the dual-color nightlight.

Teach Me Time’s! nightlight has flexible timer settings. You define the time that it turns on (soft yellow glow), the time that it changes color from yellow to green (“Ok to wake!”) and the time that it turns off. If desired, the color-changing option is easily disabled.

Let’s Learn To Tell Time!Teach Me Time! features an interactive, talking time-teaching game designed to help school-aged kids learn to tell time on both analog and digital clocks. The large, bright LCD display is capable of displaying the time in either format or both at once.

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